SONG - UnknownPretty Girl (The Way)
ARTIST - UnknownSugarcult
ALBUM - UnknownStart Static [Bonus Tracks]
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Pretty Girl (The Way) - Sugarcult
And that’s what you get for falling again
You can never get him out of your head

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→ Clive and Travis being cuties

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live-love-be-fearless said: That’s so cool :D Glad you had fun.

It was supercool and superawesome and I loved it! :’D

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Detroit’s annual “Theatre Bizarre” Halloween festival

lemmythepie said: Oh, yeah I get that feeling. I think I’ve met the guy. Performer? Jokes a lot? Mixes some mean drinks?

That’s the one! :D He’s part of the pirate gang and flipping awesome. If you haven’t seen him in action at a show I strongly suggest you do if you get the chance!

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lemmythepie said: Daddy Drake? (Chubby??)

(I feel chubby because I’m out of shape and don’t move a lot right now due to the heat. Not I am chubby, Lemmy.)
No actually it was Caspi/Tony/whatever you know him as if you know him? Short guy, big nose, awesome at aerial gymnastics? Very charismatic fella.

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An old stage combat friend/mentor heard I might be cosplaying Black Widow and was kind enough to study her fighting techniques. He knows I’ve felt really out of shape and kinda chubby lately and today he gave me the Black Widow workout of a lifetime. I’m dead but it was awesome.

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